Bali is one of the most favorite destinations for vacation as well as wedding business. Being based in Bali we are facing high competition as a photography company. And to win the competition, COSMIC BALI Photography offers a unique concept in each project with high quality of result.


COSMIC Bali Photography consists of creative people who work with heart and passion and we dedicate ourselves to the success of each event and to the happiness of each client.


In order to be able to provide high quality of service, we hire only professional photographers. Our Chief Photographer started his career as a photographer before he reached 20 years old and dedicated himself specifically in wedding photography starting 2004. The rest of the team are also considered as seniors in the field and experienced for more than 10 years. We were also involved in Miss Universe 2013 contest in Bali and become one of the contributors of the scenes and documentation photos


The Management Team consists of experienced people who were formerly working in the professional companies. Most of us have background in wedding and event business and moreover we are passionate people in the field.

Characteristic of The Service

Every photographer might have certain character in the execution of the projects and COSMIC Bali Photography take possession of the following characteristic. However, as a service provider, we are committed to put our clients’ satisfaction as our top priority in each project.


COSMIC BALI Photography adopt more photojournalism style in our photograhy techniques rather than the traditional. As indicated in our slogan that ``moments`` are the most precious thing that no one can repeat, so we focus more on candid images rather than traditional wedding poses. We shoot images quickly using available light or on-camera flashes rather than using traditional, formal posing techniques and studio lights. However, it does not mean that we are not able to do the traditional style though.


We believe that everyone has different dream about their wedding. One might dream of a classical wedding while the other may dream about futuristic concept. From the existence of these different dream wedding ideas, we dedicate ourselves to make those dreams come true. COSMIC BALI Photography would be delighted to create unique concept in each project for each couple. And we will do our best to generate the best quality artwork that everyone can enjoy at anytime in the future that would bring their memories back to the precious moment they had passed.


The era has changed nowadays, people are going more and more digital and high-tech. The negative films that photographers use to used in the old time now is almost gone and were replaced by the existence of digital cameras which is much easier to use and could generate images instantly. Also the needs of printed album has decreased since the usage of online galleries start to grow. COSMIC BALI Photography adhere and implement the use of digital technology in the process of the artwork creation to answer the market needs of more digital things.

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